One JEEVES can replace up to 200 minibars

Forget about the cumbersome minibar service and replace it. Depending on the hotel, JEEVES does everything, plus he caters snacks and refreshments to up to 200 rooms on several floors. And he automatically settles the bill. Guests love JEEVES because of his convenient, anonymous service. And your staff saves valuable time. 

Room Shopping as a luxury service

How would you like to impress your guests? With JEEVES the sky’s the limit. Never heard about Room Shopping before? It’s a novel luxury service experience introduced by JEEVES. Establish an extraordinary shopping experience in your hotel by declaring JEEVES a boutique with room service. Fine accessories, a box of cuban cigars complemented by premium souvenirs and fancy cosmetics.

Room service with JEEVES

The built-in delivery drawer lets your front desk personnel send items such as towels and toothbrushes to a customer’s room. Simply place an item inside the drawer, enter the room number and press “Go.” JEEVES will find his way safely on his own, saving staff valuable time to attend to more important matters. In most cases, hotel guests actually prefer JEEVES over staff for delivery because he’s quick and anonymous.

Whether it’s warm or cold – it’s always fresh

Four large refridgerated drawers (and soon also heated drawers) offer a variety of fresh snacks and refreshmets for your guests.

The Vision: Jeeves – the born infotainer

Is there a free time slot in the sauna? How long will the restaurant kitchen remain open today? What time is breakfast tomorrow? JEEVES will soon answer the most important questions right in the lobby. In the process, he’ll have some witty comments up his sleeve.

 See you!